Eli’s Bar Mitzvah Campaign

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Eli’s Bar Mitzvah Campaign
By: admin
Feb 26, 2017

Hi, my name is Eli and in June I am having my bar mitzvah. As part of the process, I will be doing a mitzvah project through Yashar LaChayal (straight to the soldier).

I hope to raise money for a program called Hoops for Heroes. They help soldiers who put their lives on the line go to basketball games to take a break from the dangers they face.

When I play basketball I forget about the stresses of school and learning my Hebrew stuff. The soldiers probably face more troubles than turning in homework on time, and the money I raise will help them go to basketball games, where they can have their stress relieved.

Thank you so much for your help.

Eli Hart

$639/ $5,000

Rickie Hart
Samuel Hartoch
Jennifer Knudsen – Mazal tov to you, Eli, and this mitzvah project of yours and your involvement in it is terrific and inspiring. Thank you for the opportunity to donate in your honor.
Ruth White
Helen Jung Green
Jessica & Mitchell Klein
Shirley and Seymour Bernstein – Mazel Tov Eli! Proud of you.
Melanie (Brown) Freeman
Clifford Cole
Margaret Haberman

Auntie Deann & Bill – Mazal Tov Eli!

Leona Hart –¬†Mazel Tov Eli!