Garfunkels’ Dream

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Garfunkels’ Dream
By: admin
Jan 31, 2017

Israel’s soldiers are provided with their basic needs by the IDF, but there is a lot we can do to ease the conditions of their service. Yashar LaChayal provides them with water backpacks in the summer (to replace basic canteens) and high quality warm clothing in the winter, among other specialized projects. The Border Patrol has been especially active the past year and a half as Israel suffered through waves of terror, and we would like to provide the hard-working, brave, young men and women serving there with whatever they may need. Because Yashar LaChayal’s operating expenses are paid for by a donor family, all contributions to this campaign will be used solely for the soldiers’ needs.”

As Jews who have been to Israel many times, we are so grateful that these incredible soldiers put their lives on the line every minute to keep all Jews around the world safer.  We must help them in any way we can.  Please donate to keep the Border Patrol warmer in the winter and better hydrated in the summer.