Jonny’s Bar Mitzvah Campaign- Mission Accomplished

Jonny’s Bar Mitzvah Campaign- Mission Accomplished
By: admin
May 14, 2017


JONNY KOTELMy name is Jonny Kornblum. I am 12 years old and will be celebrating my becoming a Bar Mitzvah on August 10, 2017 in Jerusalem. I have been very fortunate to visit Israel in past years celebrating the Bar and Bat Mitzvot of my Israeli cousins and my brother Joe! Israel is important to me and my family and I especially appreciate the brave soldiers who defend it. I have decided to raise money for Yashar LaChayal (“Straight to the Soldier”)  as my bar mitzvah project.  Yashar LaChayal aims to bring Israeli soldiers what they need, when they need it. With special programs for the injured, financially disadvantaged, and “lone soldiers” Yashar LaChayal fills in the gaps when needed. In addition, Yashar LaChayal has all its operating expenses paid for by a donor family, ensuring that all donations can be used solely for the soldiers’ welfare! Please donate generously to this very important cause.



Marlene  Kahan
Allen Bard
Jason Zimmerman
Martin Kornblum
Paul Fischer – Mazal tov on becoming a bar mitzvah, and kol hakavod on forgoing gifts for yourself to raise money and awareness for such a wonderful cause! Karoline, Paul, Alex, and Chana
Cherie Levi
Natalie Lipnik – Jonny, Mazel Tov to you and your family on your Bar Mitzvah. We are happy to make a donation in your honor to this worthwhile organization. Natalie & Larry Lipnik and family
Joanne Paholak – Congrats Jonny! Love Joe and Joanne
Jeffrey Klein – MAZEL TOV! We are sooooo excited! Vicky & Jeffrey Klein
Richard & Linda Merkele
Bella and Jeff Morgan – Mazel Tov on this wonderful occasion. So inspiring to see a bar mitzva boy raising money for such an important organization!
Fern and Brian Herschfus
David Kaplan
Esther and Dov Sherizen – Mazal Tov!!
Yankel and Naomi Rottenstein – Mazel Tov Jonathan. May you always be a source of pride to your parents and all of Am Yisrael. Tizku L’mitzvot
Dorothy Klausner & Warren Tessler
Sani Zeevi – Mazal Tov Jonny on your Bar Mitzvah. May you be a source of Nachat to your parents, Grand parents and Klal Israel!!!
Sarah Sznol
Eva and Mordy Rothberg – Mazal Tov Jonny. May your parents and family continue to have much nachas from you. What a great mitzvah to raise money for our soldiers in Israel! Mazal Tov!
Chava and David Berkower – Mazal Tov Jonny, Continue growing in mitzvot!
Shoshana and Sidney Katz
Gail Berkove – Jonny, We are so proud of you. You have chosen a wonderful organization to support in honor of your Bar Mitzvah.
Nechama & Aaron Zeevi – Mazel tov Jonny on your bar mitzvah!! We are so proud of you! And so glad to celebrate with you!
Andrew and Sherri Weil – Mazel Tov, Jonny! Looking forward to celebrating with you! Sherri and Andy Weil
Lev Ershler
Michal Korman
Allison Pollock – Mazal Tov Jonny on your bar mitzvah!! So happy we can celebrate your simcha with you and your family!!
Moshe Zinberg – Mazal Tov Jonny, I hope that you are having a great time in Israel and hope we share in many more Simchot together.
Morris and Andree Prostak
Zvi, Edna, Shirelle and Hallel Koren – Mazal Tov Jonny. Kol Hakavod!!!
Schrader family
Eugene Sherizen – From Julie, Eugene, Eli & Ilana Sherizen
Victor Fishman
Heather and Ron Sznol
Rabbi & Mrs. Yigal B Kornblum
Herbert Mendelson
Dear Jonny, Mazel Tov on becoming a Bar Mitzvah. We enjoyed celebrating with you and your family. – Love the Dayanim Family
Mazal Tov Jonny! So nice of you to have others celebrate your simcha in this way! Eddie, Susie, Max, Talya, David, and Atara Kresch
Alan and Suzie Silverman
Mazal Tov – Stephen Mendelson
Lary & Janice Berkower
Ira, Lisa, Joey, Maly & Eliora Winer wish you a Mazal Tov!
Yasher Koach on a beautiful simcha! – The Korelitz Family!
David Mendelson
Mazal Tov Jonny. The Nadel family is proud of you!
Mazal Tov Jonny! – Isaac Benezra
Jonny, Belated Mazel Tov on your bar mitzvah! What a meaningful way to celebrate! – Susie and Jeff Meyers and Toby Schlussel