Matt Seidman’s Bar Mitzvah Project – Mission Accomplished

Matt Seidman’s Bar Mitzvah Project – Mission Accomplished
By: admin
Jun 6, 2017


My name is Matt Seidman and I am having my bar mitzvah in November.  My family and I went to Israel a few years ago.  When I was there, I felt safe even though Israel can sometimes be a dangerous place.  The soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces protected us during our visit, so I decided that I wanted to do something to support them.

I learned about an organization called Yashar LaChayal, which means Straight to the Soldiers.  This is an organization that is, in part, run by members of my community in East Brunswick.  I learned that the Israeli soldiers don’t always have everything they need while they are serving in the IDF, like ice cold water in the summer or the highest quality warm socks in the winter.  Yashar LaChayal spends 100% of their donations to support the soldiers through different projects such as the Warm Corner project, where they build warm huts with food and drinks for soldiers on patrol.  They have also donated special water backpacks that keep water cold and fresh for the soldiers.  I also liked that they support lone soldiers who are protecting Israel far away from their families.

I decided that I wanted to help raise money for this great organization so I have been selling “Support the IDF” bracelets.  Last year, I ran a Spartan race because I am a rock climber and I like doing obstacles.  It was exhausting and I realized how hard it must be to be a soldier in the IDF, so I decided to do two more races this year to raise money for Yashar LaChayal.  I will be running one race at West Point Military Academy and one in Philadelphia before my bar mitzvah. I am rock climbing twice a week to get ready for the races. I am hoping that you will sponsor my races by making a donation to Yashar LaChayal using the link below.

I am very lucky that I will be going to Israel in December and will be celebrating my bar mitzvah by getting an Aliyah at the Kotel.  While I am there, I am hoping to visit a border patrol unit with Yashar LaChayal to meet some of the IDF soldiers and see how our donations are being used.  I hope that you will help me support the IDF through Yashar LaChayal so they can continue protecting Israel for all of us.  Remember, no donation is too small, and 100% of your donations will go to support the brave soldiers.

Thank you.

Ben Wulfsohn – Thanks for picking such a great cause Matt. Looking forward to the big day.
Laura Fein
Matt Seidman
Melvin & Marsha Ness – Keep up the good work we are behind you.
Jay Perl
Brenda Ness-Cooper
Lisa Seidman
Robert & Aliza Seidman – What a great cause – we are so proud of you Matt! We love you! Love, Uncle Robert, Aunt Aliza, Esther, Solomon, Tani, Amichai & Naava
Arty & Reina Pincus
Larissa Elks- Kol Ha Kavod Matt! Mazel Tov!!!
Sharon Seidman
Bernard and Susan Leibtag – Mazal tov Matt, what a great idea this is!
Michele Bernstein – Good Luck Matt!
Stacey Lampert
Nisan Szeimberg – That is so awesome Matt what you are doing for the IDF! We look forward to celebrating your Bar Mitzvah soon. Love, Nisan, Lourdes, Joshua, and Noah
Jason Reiz
Yael and Sandy Rosenberg – Mazal Tov Matt! Great job!
Marilyn Sacher – Mazal tov! What a great cause!
Steven Seidman
Anne & Matt Kaufman
Shari & Elie Klein
Jack and Terri Silverman
Brian Enda
So proud of you Matt!! Love you! – Rebecca and Larry and Family Seidman
Way to go, Matt – great work!! – Hilary Kelly
Jennifer Kalember
So proud of you! Cannot wait to celebrate! – Ronnie and Steve Sichel
Mazel Tov, Matt! We look forward to celebrating with you on Sunday. – Aryeh & Rochel Leah Glatter
Thank you to everyone who made a donation at my Bar Mitzvah! – Matt
Ellen Renaud
Best wishes for much success. Love, Aunt Pearl and Uncle Sheldon
Mazal Tov Matt! – Yehuda Ness
Carole and Seymour Perl
John Ward
You are awesome Matt! We were thrilled to share the simcha of your Bar Mitzvah. Great project! – Lauren Waksman
Jeffrey Blivaiss
Linda and Allen Seidman
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Danto
Aron Adams- Matt….the Adams family is very proud of you as become a Bar Mitzvah and very happy to support your efforts to assisting Yashar LaChayal