Palchan Nachal Campaign – Mission Accomplished

Palchan Nachal Campaign – Mission Accomplished
By: admin
Jun 16, 2016


Palchan Nahal is an elite commando unit that specializes in demolition and combat engineering. Each squad goes through a year and 3 months of intensive training that is the best the IDF has to offer. Among other things, this training includes open field combat, urban combat, navigation, anti-terrorism and Krav-Maga. These squads are always on high alert and ready to accept the hardest missions.

Tzevet Herbin, the squad that drafted in November 2015, is nearing the end of their first stage of training that all combat soldiers go through and are gearing up to enter their more specialized training. Although the IDF provides all its soldiers with suitable gear, there is extra top quality gear that would boost the moral of Tzevet Herbin and make their training be at a higher level and more comfortable. Equipment such as winter gear (fleeces, thermal shirts, ski masks, gloves), vacuum seal bags (to protect gear from rain), head lamps, and Leathermans (multi use pliers and knife).

Tzevet Herbin is a motivated group of soldiers whose goal is to guard and protect Israel and the Jewish people. The squad consists of 25 soldiers which includes 6 lone soldiers, 4 from the United States, 1 from South Africa and 1 from Israel. Any and all donations that help them actualize this goal would be more than appreciated.


Kenneth Birnbaum 

Yehuda Frager- We are supporting Gavriel Shabtai’s Israeli Army commando unit as per his father’s request and wish them bracha, hatlacha v’shmira shleima

Uriel Arnson

Yitzcho Ira Friedman

Andrew Bocarsly

Risa Starr- Ruth- Thank you for all you have done for Mason over the last few years.  Risa and Shep

Jonathan Shedlo

Bradley Goldstein

Samuel & Malka Susswein

Josh Neuman

Jennifer Kroll

Kathe Hertzberg

Beverly Wolfer- Wishing Mati & the entire Palchan Nachal unit continued safety & strength to complete their training and their mission.  The Wolfer-Nerenberg family

Aryeh Canter

Miriam Schacter

Daniel Padwa

Lauren Shinar

Steven Schloss-  Making Riverdale and YIOZ proud

Nancy Klein

Lance Bocarsly- Be safe!  We love you!  Palchan Nachal Campaign

Rebekah Saltzman 

Yossi and Tina Notik  

Malka Susswein

Joshua Kann – Keep making us proud, Mat!

Danya Bocarsly – So proud of you Mati!! Love you tons!

Zivian Boc -I love you Mati!!!