Richie’s Bar Mitzvah Campaign – Mission Accomplished

Richie’s Bar Mitzvah Campaign – Mission Accomplished
By: admin
Mar 20, 2016


A couple of years ago when I visited Israel in the summer of 2014 I learned something very special that I want to share with you. It’s not something that you can read in a book- it is something you need to see with your very own eyes. It is something that makes Israel very different than where we live.

When my family and I were in Israel we met many IDF soldiers. They all had very different jobs, all over the country, in different units, like Golani and the Nahal Brigade. In Israel all of our tour guides drivers and our family members were in the army. Everyone served in the army. I couldn’t believe it. The special thing that I learned was that everyone was proud of their time in the army and would do anything to protect the people of Israel.

My family and I were amazed and grateful for their efforts to protect Israel. For the first time I understood what it was like to feel really proud of Israel. I was inspired to do something to help the soldiers. The soldiers do so much to protect the people of Israel, I think we should do something special for them.

I will be working with Yashar LaChayal an amazing tzedekah that gives every dollar raised directly to the IDF soldiers that need supplies.

Between now and Sukkot when my family takes our next trip to Israel, I plan to raise funds to provide supplies to the IDF soldiers. I want to show them how special they are and that we understand how important their work is for us.

From now until Shavuot I will be asking friends and family to make a donation directly on this website.

During this time I will be learning the weekly parsha and sending out a Dvar Torah in the form of YouTube video. Please help me with these important mitzvot. Please help me honor the soldiers.

Thank you so much!!


$5,000/ $5,000


Irina Shapiro

Janet & Lior Hod

Sara and Chaim Zakheim

Ilana Adler-  We are so proud of you Richie! Love always, Ilana and Ranon

Sari and Jonathan Altmark

Susan Nadritch

Dawn Orlinsky

Howard Bromber

Marc & Sharon Friedman

Gila Kolb

Michele Ratner

Omi & Opa- To an amazing grandson with all our love Omi & Opa

Lyn & Fred Cohen

Deborah Posner- We love you!

Rina & Allan Schwartz

Naomi Greenblatt

Avi & Jamie Weiss

Dena & Alex Kaye

Sarah Feit- Mazel tov Richie! We are so proud of you! Love, Sarah, Yitz and the Feit boys.

Beth & Marc Rosenbaum

Tamar Schiffman

Jay Orlinsky- Mazel Tov Richie !!!!!!

Deborah & David Pearlman

Hadassah Jacob

Jeanette Wermuth

Miriam & Ezra Lightman

Robert Kinzelberg

Gitty Eisner

Jennifer Seidel

Deena Segal

Michael Welfeld

Karen Septimus

Jonathan Altmark

Amy Buchsbayew

Lina Kanchick

Soja & Gary Nadritch

Jordanna Nadritch

Jonathan & Deena Pulitzer

Sura Zakheim