TLCRimon Campaign

TLCRimon Campaign
By: admin
Jul 25, 2016

This campaign is temporarily on hold.

Sayeret Rimon is an elite unit that specializes in desert and urban warfare, and is ready to deal with any threat in Israel’s southern region. In five years of the unit’s existence, Sayeret Rimon has received many accolades, including some for the very recent operation in Gaza in “Operation Protective Edge,” where the unit neutralized over 50 terrorists, seized many weapons and located and destroyed many tunnels. Due to these results and its important role, Sayeret Rimon was included into the new commando brigade which includes the units Sayaret Egoz, Sayaret Maglan, and Sayaret Duvdevan.

We have started this campaign to support a Rimon team consisting of two dozen handpicked individuals, including three lone soldiers and three new immigrants to Israel. Although the equipment that the unit has right now is decent, if they were to get better and improved equipment (such as exercise clothing, high quality winter wear, etc.) they would be able to execute their duties at an even higher level.


Thank you very much for your support!

$200/ $5,000