Yitzi’s Bar Mitzvah Campaign

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Yitzi’s Bar Mitzvah Campaign
By: admin
Jul 24, 2016

My name is Isaac (Yitzi) First and I will become a Bar Mitzvah this November.
I have always been interested in everything about the army, battles, and military history. The soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces live with the harsh reality of army service, and I want to partner with you so that we can make their lives a little easier.
Our soldiers in Israel need water backpacks which have become an absolute necessity for each combat soldier. They keep the water cool, have handy drinking spouts, and make the water easier to carry and more accessible. The Israeli army provides each soldier with basic canteens, but I am working with Yashar LaChayal to get water backpacks into the hands of Border Patrol soldiers. Through Yashar LaChayal, 100% of your donation goes to the soldiers. Donations can be made directly through this website.
I plan to distribute the water backpacks to the soldiers, along with my classmates, when our Silver Academy junior high takes its trip to Israel this spring.
Please help me do something special for our soldiers.​
Thank you so much!!!!
Isaac First

$1,321/ $5,000


Judith Hodara

Martin Lowy

Alyce & Morton Spector

Varda & Moshe Yosef Gewirtz

Sadie & Jerry Brenner

Drew Farkas

Perry Kurlander

Mark, Cindy & Brandon Sandow

Janice Fitzgerald

Vered & Michael Shefet

Cynthia & Damien Graeff

Yehuda & Chavy Ruvel – Mazel Tov Yitzi! What a beautiful idea to have a mitzvah project in honor of your bar mitzvah. Wishing you many happy and healthy years full of many more mitzvos.  Love, Yehuda and Chavy Ruvel and Family.

Yisroel M. Shapiro

Julie Watson

Daniel Grabenstein – Mazal Tov on Yitzi’s Bar Mitzvah Campaign.

Malka Micznik

Aliza & Mordechai Reuveni

Sandie & Arthur Rosenthol

Ushi & Chanalah Shapiro – Mazel Tov Yitzi .great idea! May you grow up in your parents footsteps & always make them proud! They definitely make everyone around them proud!

Jeruchom Shapiro

Stuart Brenner

Frances S. Cleff

Efrat & Dani Shackak

Tammy Reid