Chaim, A Volunteer in the IDF

Chaim, A Volunteer in the IDF
By: admin
Oct 30, 2013

Chaim was born and raised in Montreal. His first visit to Israel took place when he was 16, when he enrolled in a program that combined learning with assisting young adults with addiction problems, but his desire to develop a strong connection with Israel began long before that visit.

Chaim’s mother was injured in a terror attack in 1979, and her riveting story and the injuries she suffered made an impact on her son. He made a conscious decision to not be an onlooker, but “to do everything I can to prevent such atrocities from happening again, and what better way than donning an IDF uniform.”

Chaim was certain that his parents would not be enthusiastic about his decision to volunteer in the IDF, and so he purchased an airline ticket and began the process of becoming a lone soldier without informing them of his plans. He understood that it was difficult for his parents when he first informed them of his decision, but they realized how important it was for him and were very supportive. They were very proud of “their Lone Soldier,” telling everyone they met about their son!

Chaim notes that his years in Golani were incredibly important to him. In addition to the contribution he made, serving in the IDF provided him with a deeper connection to Israel and to history, as well as an extraordinary relationship with his fellow soldiers.

Chaim hopes to become a tour guide in Israel, and share his love of the country with others.

Yashar LaChayal is proud to have assisted Chaim as he made his way in the IDF. We were able to provide him and his fellow soldiers with goods they needed during their service, as well as support and people to turn to when they needed guidance or assistance.