Ezra, A Volunteer in the IDF

Ezra, A Volunteer in the IDF
By: admin
Oct 22, 2013

Ezra is a 24 year old lone soldier from Ethiopia. He grew up in a single family home, and his mother and four siblings still live in Ethiopia. Two other brothers made aliyah and were killed during their IDF service. He made aliyah two and a half years ago with his younger brother. Today, Ezra’s home when he is not on his army base is a room he shares with his brother and another roommate in the Mercaz Klitah, an absorption center for new immigrants.

Yashar LaChayal was able to help Ezra by providing him with goods he needed for his room in the absorption center, as well as other personal goods. We look forward to ongoing contact as he serves his new country and then takes his place as a productive civilian.