Backpacks for a Combat Platoon (100 Soldiers)

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Backpacks for a Combat Platoon (100 Soldiers)

“The backpacks we received were amazing, especially since many in our unit would have trouble affording them. Thank you Yashar LaChayal!” – A., Infantry soldier

Product Description

One of the most important pieces of non-military equipment to an Israeli combat soldier is his or her backpack. Whether it’s bringing laundry to and from home, bringing personal equipment between bases, or keeping belongings together, it is one of the most versatile and crucial items to a soldier. Additionally, in many platoons there are soldiers from financially disadvantaged families who have trouble affording such necessities for their children in the army.

Your donation will provide backpacks for an entire combat platoon (100 soldiers). Not only will this be tremendously helpful to the soldiers, but it will also boost their morale knowing others care so much about them and the country they work so hard to defend.