Exercise Clothing for a Combat Platoon (100 Soldiers)

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Exercise Clothing for a Combat Platoon (100 Soldiers)

“Thank you so much Yashar LaChayal for the exercise clothing! It really boosts the platoon’s morale for everyone to be wearing the unit’s colors and symbol as they jog together.” – A combat soldier in the Kfir Brigade

Product Description

Combat soldiers exercise almost every day to keep themselves in top physical shape so they can ably perform their duties. Whether its jogging around the base or working out in the platoon gym, they are in constant need of proper exercise clothing over their three years in the army.

Your donation will provide high-quality t-shirts and shorts for an entire combat platoon (about 100 soldiers), with each item of clothing personalized with the unit’s logo, to raise the soldiers’ morale as they keep themselves in shape!