Water Backpack Campaign

Water Backpack Campaign
By: admin
Jul 18, 2012

Spring, summer and fall in Israel are hot and dry, and soldiers throughout the country are outdoors for extended periods of time in the sun and heat.  It is imperative that soldiers stay hydrated at all times.

The IDF insists that all soldiers carry a supply of drinking water, but water left in a canteen for hours becomes hot and unappealing, not to mention the fact that it is not easily accessible.  Water backpacks, known as shlukkerim in Hebrew,  keep the water cool, and have handy drinking spouts, making the water easier to carry and more accessible.  Thousands have been distributed, and the response from soldiers and officers alike has been incredible.

We need your help to provide thousands of Border Patrol soldiers with water backpacks!

Help Yashar LaChayal provide water backpacks for Border Patrol soldiers to keep them well-hydrated and healthy.  Designate your gift for The Water Backpack Campaign.