Arayot Hayarden

Helping Israeli Soldiers- Arayot Hayarden

Yashar LaChayal, with help from a generous Florida donor, brought water backpacks, regular backpacks, and more to an entire platoon of 120 soldiers in Arayot HaYarden! The unit is the IDF’s second mixed-gender combat battalion. The soldiers had just received their coveted berets after a long, exhausting march, and were thrilled to see such support […]

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Helping Israeli Soldiers – Arayot HaYarden

The IDF’s second mixed-gender combat battalion, Aryot HaYarden (Lions of the Jordan) just received a substantial donation from the Helping Israel Fund and Yashar LaChayal – 360 running shirts, hats, and dog-tag covers, 200 backpacks, and two hair cutting machines!

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