Helping Israeli Soldiers- Nachal Training base and Air Force

Thank you to the Religious Zionists of Chicago for their generous donation and to Rabbi Isenberg and his family for joining us to distrubute the donation to the Netsach Yehuda Soldiers at the Nevatim base and the soldiers at Bach Nachal. The soldiers were thrilled to receive the much needed winter wear.

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Helping Israeli Soldiers- 931

Even though winter is here, it is still important for soldiers to stay hydrated at all times. We donated 130 backpacks to 931 unit, and they were very appreciative.

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Helping Israeli Soldiers – Nachal 932

Thanks to Rivka for all her hard work to raise funds for a donation to Nachal 932. Philip Katz and his unit have been working very as they were in the center of the massive search for the three kidnapped boys. This donation gives them a morale boost as it shows how much we care […]

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