Battalion 53

Battalion 53
By: admin
Jun 27, 2012

To Leon,

Subject: Thanks and Gratitude

There are not enough words to express our deep gratitude for the special organization, for your human kindness and for your precious staff who assist you, who in the most difficult moments of the battle you strengthened the spirit of the soldiers and warmed their hearts with an abundance of packages filled with all good things.

In your special way, you inspired a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere amongst the soldiers who fought and are still fighting with determination in Lebanon, and you gave us much hope to succeed in our times of trial.

Without you it would have been so much harder.

We thank you for making it easier.

יישר כח , may you succeed in all your endeavors!

With admiration
And heartfelt thanks and blessings
Tzvika- Battalion 53
In the name of the warriors of “Storm” battalion